Laser Hair Removal Facts &The History of Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Facts !

The Surprising History of Hair Removal

Hair removal is shrouded in mystery. While doctors clamor to find the exact hair removal laser to work with a patient’s skin, there was a time when all that could be used was natural hair removal methods. Now, with the advancement of technology, people are not only able to look towards natural hair removal methods, but they are also able to use creams, waxes and even lasers to rid their body of hair. Sometimes, this removal will happen to follow the latest “trends” and other times it is utilized to put a halt to unsightly hair growth.

The History of Hair Removal

The very history of hair removal is up for debate. While evidence is seen in ancient Egypt and during the times of ancient Rome and Greece, the first point that it was used is simply unknown. The techniques of old would include natural hair removal methods, such as beeswax or pumice to remove hair. During this time, these methods were used exclusively by women.

Throughout the centuries, hair removal was still seen, but never to the point that it is in our present day society. In fact, it

 hair removal

Photograph of Eddie Gillette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wasn’t until 1915 when Gillette, the world famous razor manufacturer, released their first razor aimed at women that the idea of a truly hairless body came to light. This campaign pushed the removal of underarm hair to new heights, and since the campaign mentioned that this was the most sanitary method of hair removal, women decided to try it on other areas of their body as well.

Clothing styles would lend a hand in turning the casual underarm trim into one where entire arms were shaved, legs were shaved and eventually the bikini area. When sleeveless dresses became the norm, women began shaving their arms to ensure that no stubble was seem. Shorter dresses and shorts would be attributed to women shaving their legs to ensure that they were truly smooth. Once the tiny bikini was introduced, women also started to trim up their pubic hair. Now, the trends have turned to a point where women chose to go completely bald in their nether regions, and now, the trend seems to be turning to the complete polar opposite – all-natural.

In the mid-1990s, the world was introduced to the first commercially available hair removal laser that would promise permanent hair removal. While this was a technology tested for over 2 decades, it finally was made affordable to the average consumer. Now, women and men from all over the world are turning to laser hair removal facts to see what they can do to rid their body of hair. While not medically recommended for the scrotum or groin, this is a viable option that goes well beyond what normal methods are able to achieve.

Natural Hair Removal – The Predecessor to Laser Hair Removal

Natural hair removal is still a very viable option to its laser counterpart. While the word “natural” is used lightly, these methods often include applicants, waxes and creams that will be used to rid the body of hair. In fact, the following methods are widely used and have been utilized for decades:

  • Waxing: First seen in ancient Egypt, waxing utilizes different ingredients that will be used to remove hair. The idea is that the wax is applied to the hair and the follicles will stick to the wax. A person will pull the wax off and remove the hair that was stuck to the wax. While a bit painful at first, this is one of the smoothest methods of hair removal, and the most commonly used.
  • Creams: Often dubbed, “depilatory,” these creams or liquids are applied to hair and will remove hair with ease. This was another method used in 3000BC by the ancient Egyptians to remove hair.
  • Abrasives: Ancient Greece and Rome we known for using abrasives to remove hair. This was typically done with a pumice stone that would be rubbed on the skin to remove any hair that was present.
  • Tweezing: Also attributed to ancient Rome, tweezing was done by Julius Caesar to remove facial hair. While this is more commonly seen with eyebrows today, it was a viable method to remove facial hairs albeit very timely.
  • Threading: First seen in ancient Turkey, this method utilizes thread that is attached to hair and tugged on to remove it. This is typically down to shape the eyebrows.
  • Razors: The modern razor came into existence in the 18th century and its electric counterpart would later be developed in 1930.

Laser Hair Removal – An Introduction to the Hair Removal Laser

As the cost of laser hair removal lessens, more and more people are seen using this method for hair removal. This method was introduced in the 1990s for the first time commercially. Tested for over 20 years, the hair removal laser is a safe manner in which a person’s hair follicles are targeted. These follicles will absorb the light that has been given off by the laser and will eventually become damaged.

The damage will cause hair growth to cease and will leave a person with completely hairless skin. Many home applications are being seen as the technology advances and women are particularly targeted in advertisement campaigns. Oftentimes, this will be done for back, chest or upper-lip hair. Some will also choose laser hair removal for their legs or underarms. The groin area, however, is very sensitive and laser hair removal can actually cause a man to become sterile when it is administered to the groin.


Laser Hair Removal Facts

  • Laser treatments will need to be done over the course of numerous sessions to find success.
  • Darker hair is easier to remove as it absorbs the light from the laser better than lighter hair.
  • It typically takes 10 – 14 days for treatment to work and for a person’s hair to fall out.
  • Treatments are typically scheduled a month apart to determine current hair reduction.
  • Not all hair can be removed using laser hair removal treatments, and sometimes, no results are seen.
  • The cost of treatment is on the decline, but prices vary greatly depending on how much hair is being removed.
2 Responses to “Laser Hair Removal Facts &The History of Hair Removal”
  1. Mrsmartinez710

    Many of the statements in the article are incorrect, especially about laser hair reduction. Just to name a couple, laser hair reduction will not ever leave your skin completely hairless. This statement was corrected later in the article but still made. Your body’s hormones will activate dormant follicles over your lifetime that were not active and therefore not treated at the time of your sessions. You can expect a 80-90% reduction in hair in the treated area. Also, there is not a chance of sterilization by treating men in the groin! The laser travels to exact predictable depths which are millimeters under your skin, it never comes close to harming reproductive aspects. Lastly, it does not take 10-14 days to work, it works instantly for that cycle of hair. It can take that long for the hair to fall out, but the hair is dead instantly.

  2. Laser hair removal treatments are now so popular. Some people think that laser hurt but fact is it doesn’t hurt too much. To get good result need 6-12 seasons.

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